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I was gonna make a post about Lucy Liu and her career and how it pretty much screams how unfair hollywood is for Women of Colour, Asian women in particular (sticking them in stereotypical roles or making them sex symbols). 

I mean honestly go check out the roles she’s had. 

Then think about how many Asian women you’ve seen on tv and what they’ve been doing. 

Then cross-reference that with how many of those Asian women you’ve actually seen are of mixed race. 

Then double cross-reference that with how many of those women (those who are not mixed) are South/Southeast Asian. 

oh and lets not even talk about Pacific Islander WOC, that’s almost a joke. 

representation? WHERE?

…yeah TV is grim for Asian woc. 

At least I have some representation as a black women. 

But where the hell are the Asian women? 

like I said though…ugh. 

#ugh...that's like my catchphrase these days #everything is ugh. #woc #representation in media #east asian #south east asian #women #feminism #are feminist there for Asian women? cuz it doesn't seem like it. #tho we've already affirmed that feminism was inclusive to white women only.

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